What It Takes

Written when a friend was struggling, being far away from home. I wondered whether the difficult times they were experiencing would also be a good opportunity for growth. That thought inspired me to write this song.


When you’re feeling so lost
When you know what it means
To be on your own
Every second is survival
And you can’t make it alone
You just want to go home
Despite the friends you’ve found
Don’t know where you’re heading
It feels like it’s the ground
Oh, oh, yeah.

This is what it takes, what it takes
To break free from the mould that you knew
The chains holding you
This is how it feels to be shaped by the Potter’s hands
The One who understands
The good it’ll do to be out of your comfort zone.

As time passes by
Friendships grow numb
You’re immune to the the cold
You want familiarity
and not just to grow old
‘What’s happening to me?’
Is your frequent cry
You want to get out
But don’t want to die
Oh, oh, yeah.

But listen well, listen well
To the sound of your heart
Listen well, you might learn something new
For God speaks to us all
And in mysterious ways
Learn how to listen, and praise.


© 2004 K S Cleaton