We Are the Body

Instead of hiding behind fake smiles, true society needs to be about sharing things with one another – the good and the bad.


Look around you, what do you see?
Do you think everyone
from pain and hurt is free?
Do you know? Can you see
The pain inside
the hurt they hide,
The feelings that they’ll never show.

Plastic smiles on our faces,
Coz we don’t dare to show
how deep our pain is.
If we open up our hearts
Only then can we
begin to see, and
truly start to love and feel.

We are the body, we are the blood that flows
We are the people who lead His children home
We are the windows, we are the guiding light
We need to listen, we need to feel what’s right
With the Father…

Open up now, you will find
That despite your fears,
not everyone is blind
So just try, just take the risk.
Coz touching a heart
is not something you should miss!


© 2008 K S Cleaton