Broken (I Will Lift My Hands)

This song is about praising God in the midst of the storms of life – how it is necessary and how God heals us when we come to him in this way. It also touches on Jesus’ suffering and how it is so similar to ours – how he knows intimately the pain that we feel.

When I’m broken, when I’m confused
When the tears come rushing down my face
When I’m feeling so far from You
I just come in to Your embrace.

When I’m tired, when I’m hurting
When the world seems condemned to eternal death
When I’m conscious of all my weakness
I just trust in You with every breath

I will lift my hands to praise You, though the waves are crashing round me
I will lift my hands and seek Your face, my Jesus
And through all eternity, though I’m weak and You are mighty
You make me strong and draw me near to You
I sing beneath the shadow of Your wings
I sing beneath the shadow of Your wings.

You were broken, You were confused,
And You felt that everything was unfair
You were feeling so alone there
And I know I have nothing to compare.


© 2005 K S Cleaton