This song was written after watching the news which was reporting that America was going to go to war with Iraq. The reporter showed George W. Bush speaking about his beliefs as a Christian. This song is not an accusation at anyone but more about looking sadly at the way people in the world behave – and why. Why we might choose to go to war – for the sake of others, or for ourselves?


All around the world your fingers clutch
Stealing life from everything they touch
And we know you can’t be expected to cry
When we all suffer and die.

All around the world your nation crawls
Breaking, thieving, taking it all
You condemn and ruin all those in your way
As we fight another day.

America, America, America,
What about the people, America?
America, America, America,
What about your GOD, America?
For He is Holy, yes He is Holy.
For He is Holy, He IS.

All around the world these people die
From the work of your hand. And they cry,
“Save us, someone please save us”.
Is this what you call Righteousness?


© 2004 K S Cleaton